I HAVE received a second email regarding the Birkenhead BID levy and letters threatening court action.

As a local growing company and large rates payer with no missed payments since opening the business we feel we have the right to request what the BID levy is paying for since 2018.

The Birkenhead BID website has two news articles this year showing small events, and there is no information anywhere as to what they could possibly be spending this amount of money on.

While we appreciate that this is a small percentage of our rateable value, the ostensible benefits of the BID scheme have simply not been visible for us, as we have to clean up our litter lined road ourselves and don’t see an enhanced police presence in the area.

This, combined with the fact that we are literally 40 yards away from Hamilton Square, 200 yards from the police station and on the same road as two council buildings, tells us that if our roads aren’t prettier or being looked after, then the rest of the town has little to no hope.

If someone can provide a valid expenditure list for this public/ private venture that shows a clear community benefit, we will have no problem paying it on top of our almost £19,000 per year business rates.

Gary Jones by email