I WAS parked with my disabled badges on view at Arrowe Park Hospital last Thursday afternoon and would like to thank the driver who hit the back end of my car causing extensive serious damage.

I like many found it difficult to park, as the car park was busy and there were few parking places.

Whoever hit me will have felt the force as the damage is that severe, there is hundreds of pounds worth.

Furthermore, a person who would hit a disabled vehicle in a hospital car park and drive away is obviously shameless, without care or moral decency and either has no insurance or wants to protect their own insurance premium.

Accidents do happen, yet a polite notice could have prevented and so much stress, not to mention the expense, as I now have to pay the insurance excess through no fault of my own.

My insurance company has contacted Arrowe Park to check the CCTV. However, I would be truly grateful if anyone who witnessed the incident could get in touch through Wirral Globe so I can inform the insurance and the police, and thank them personally for their help.

The vehicle is a distinctive a Suzuki Vitara, colour is metallic turquoise.

Thank you, l wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else, especially at a hospital.

Name and address supplied