ON Saturday, September 8, I went shopping at Tesco's in Bebington.

I had kept a £20 note in my purse at home and before leaving, and because I realised that the £20 was would not be enough money for the long list of necessary shopping I had to do, I put my last £20 into my purse - or truly thought I had.

Having spent well over half an hour filling my trolley and unloading at the cashier's desk, I noticed how the bill was going up and up but wasn’t too worried as I had, supposedly, got enough money in my purse to pay.

The cashier finished and clocked the bill up, it was over £35.

But I only had £20 in my purse and a few 5ps and pennies.

I was so embarrassed, but she said not to worry, adding that she would keep my shopping by her until I could come back to Tesco’s with the money.

Suddenly, a gentleman next in line to me leant over, put £20 on the till, turned to me and said "have that one on me." 

I was quite stunned and very nearly wept.

I told him I had the money at home, must have left it on the table, and that if he followed me home I would pay him back.

He would have none of it, tapped me on the shoulder and went out of the doors - just disappeared before I could properly thank him.

Arriving home I found that I had, in fact, left the £20 on the kitchen table.

I just wonder if he reads the Globe and will, perhaps, see this letter because, believe me, he is a true English gentleman and really helped out an old lady.

God bless you, my friend.

A very grateful 86-year-old from Rock Ferry.