A NESTON mum will take on her fear of heights and complete a skydive in memory of her daughter who was 'too precious to walk this earth.'

Yvette Radcliffe tragically lost her daughter Lily on August 1, 2019 after being told by specialists that she had developed a life-limiting and life-threatening condition.

Specialists broke the heartbreaking news to Yvette that Lily was unable to move, had fluid on her lungs, around her head and under parts of her skin.

Yvette told the Globe: "In July 2019, I was a happily pregnant mother, expecting my second child.

"I was waiting to have my sexing scan to tell me whether I was having a boy or a girl... feeling excited.

"I was told during the scan that my baby had inverted feet and they booked me in to see a specialist. Going over it in my head, I was thinking it's fine, it's so common.

"It came to the day of my specialist scan, half an hour had past, I was told to take a walk while he scanned another patient and come back to carry on with mine.

"I went back, after 10 minutes, I heard the words from his mouth that this wasn't going to be an easy conversation, my world fell apart, I was inconsolable.

"He told me that my baby had a life-limiting and life- threatening condition.

"I was referred to the Liverpool Women's Hospital for a second opinion. When that day came, it seemed like a lifetime.

"It was confirmed by another specialist. They said if I was to carry full term, I'd more than likely lose her naturally, if I was to give birth at full term, she would struggle and wouldn't survive for any length of time.

"I was going to lose my baby no matter what."

Yvette, who was then six months pregnant, faced the most painful decision of her life, "I couldn't watch a baby struggle knowing I couldn't do anything about it, I couldn't give false hope of life.

"On July 28 I made the most painful, but selfless decision of my life, Lily's heart was stopped.

"This way, she wouldn't struggle, she would be none the wiser and she'd be with her mummy. Watching on a screen, tore me up to the point of throwing up. I was taken in two days later for labour.

"Lily was born on August 1 at 6.25am. A beautiful baby girl."

Yvette has now decided to honour the memory of her beautiful baby Lily by taking part in a skydive for Claire House Children's Hospice on July 4, 2020.

She has set up a JustGiving page and has raised £245 of her £500 target for the charity.

Yvette added: "I have decided to face my fears of heights and do a skydive for Claire House.

"This skydive is taking place on the July 4, Lily would have been one-year-old.

"This is in memory of a little girl that sadly was too precious to walk this earth."

To donate, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/yvette-radcliffe1