REGARDING Hoylake beach.

Can anyone please explain to us mere council tax payers why an individual with zero climate change knowledge, zero beach management knowledge, and who represents in her role as a councillor the very, very coastfree ward of Bidston & St James – which has more than enough of its own problems - is somehow more knowledgeable than people who have lived in the area of Hoylake beach for decades or even their whole lives?

Liz Grey somehow holds the environment and climate change portfolio in our still ludicrously grandstanding council "cabinet” - a term that suggests to both the many, and the few, that they have ideas far and away above whatever capabilities they profess to retain.

Are the problems in Bidston & St James not cool enough for Ms Grey?

Is she perhaps one of those people who call the Ford estate Beechwood, and Birkenhead North "Bidston Rise?"

Does she like getting the climate gig because it's quite en vogue?

Ms Grey, stick to your real job in Bidston & St James.

The authority of Hoylake beach is still under Natural England, not you.

But your political ambition does precisely nothing to help the very real situation that has been created by people just like you.

Natural England's actual authority over our beach does not end until next year, which you (should) know.

You are deliberately breaking their instructions to rake and spray the beach.

Return to those instructions, that come from people who actually know what they’re talking about, or do something that appears somewhat inevitable, and resign from the “cabinet.”

Maybe you could fill your extra time afterwards by attending to the not-so trendy issues in Bidston & St James and, you know, actually doing the job you were elected to do?

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