I RESPOND to the letter from P Griffiths of Oxton.

I would be grateful if the writer and other Leave supporters would set out for me the benefits for Wirral businesses and residents of leaving the EU.

It seems to me that major industry is at risk.

The Vauxhall plant has already been highlighted and Airbus is a major success of European co-operation.

Farming is a significant part of Wirral, both economically and in shaping the landscape.

Leaving the EU creates a risk of United States agri-industry taking over farming methods, animal welfare and chemical use in any trade deal.

There are risks for the NHS and there is a high possibility of much of it (the "profitable" parts) being taken over by United States medical companies.

International trade and travel is a vital part of Wirral. Everyday cargo ships and ro-ro ferries leave Birkenhead and Liverpool for Belfast and Dublin.

This trade is likely to be disrupted.

The loss of the European health insurance card means that travel insurance will become more expensive and the fact that the current British passport, will no longer have equality of status with EU country passports means that there will be delays for British passengers arriving in EU countries.

Merseyside, including Wirral, has benefited greatly from EU funding for key projects.

I fear that if there is any financial Brexit benefit (the famous red bus claim) it will not find its way to us. Tax cuts for higher earners and the Southeast of England are likely to reap any such rewards.

These are just some of my concerns and I look forward to responses.

John Oldershaw, Wallasey.