IN REPLY to E George's letter last week complaining about the murals in Victoria Road New Brighton, I am astounded!

I have been a New Brighton resident for 14 years and moved here prior to the developments.

Since then the town has got its mojo back with the new restaurants, cinema, etc, and various events held.

Now Victoria Road has had new life breathed into it and to cap it all we now have our own art show on display for all.

The standard of the artwork is very high and many of the murals relevant in some way to the area like the new semaphore flag mural.

The Mickey Mouse was obviously a 'Mickey' take on the state that the owners of the building, Wetherspoons, have left it in after purchasing it in 2015.

This was obviously lost on E George and it would appear that the function of the artwork is also.

I and many others are genuinely overjoyed and very grateful to the artists and their backers for their efforts in brightening up our town with these amazing artworks.

It's very easy to sit at a desk and bemoan development that doesn't suit you, but a lot more difficult to get off one's backside and make a difference to your community.

Simon Newton, by email