I HAD become very poorly and called for an ambulance which took me straight to A&E at Arrowe Park Hospital.

My treatment was excellent from all members of staff and their professionalism and manner was wonderful.

When I was on the Older Persons unit I made friends with a patient in the next bed.

One evening around 9pm I was struggling to sleep and I could see that my friend was suffering from some difficulties, due to which I called the alarm bell.

When the staff arrived he was unresponsive.

It was truly amazing that the staff managed to bring my friend back to life.

I am very proud that Arrowe Park Hospital is my local hospital, which I will recommend to everyone I know.

Their staff have a very hard job to fulfil, but my goodness they do it well.

I would like to pass on a huge thank you for the excellent care and treatment I received and thank you for saving my friend’s life, as this is priceless.

Without our local hospital, I truly believe both me and my friend would not be here today to tell our story.

Wirral University Teaching Hospital should be so proud of their staff as I truly am.

I feel blessed to have them close by.

What a fantastic organisation they have.

Leslie Owens, West Kirby