LIKE many Wallasey residents it was great to see the recent new life in Victoria Road, New Brighton.

It was signalled by a bear mural which was eye-catching and fun.

Then more murals began to appear.

Are there any rules governing them as there are for outdoor posters?

Some were very good, especially those hidden round corners so that they came as a great surprise, like Peter Pan and Martin Luther King.

But then the area around the Harbour pub became covered in a mishmash of murals which look as unsightly as a body covered in tattoos.

The side wall of Lacy's bar saw the addition of Mickey Mouse when this prominent derelict building really needs cleaning, tidying and painting, and a pink and blue image is currently being painted next to the bear which will detract from it.

I am sure that if local residents were invited for their views there would be less murals, they would be of a higher standard, and add more to the appeal of the area.

Less can be more! Where will it all end?

E George, Wallasey