TENNIS-playing siblings from Wirral hope to inspire more people to try the sport during a special event this weekend.

Rhoda Unsworth, 41, and Jack Dooley, 38, from Birkenhead took up the sport together as kids and have never looked back.

They have played on court together for more than 25 years and are hoping to inspire more people during the Nature Valley Big Tennis weekend.

The pair started as juniors mixed doubles and most recently won their club tournament this month.

Tennis has developed into a life-long passion for the siblings, not only the game, but the friends that they’ve made by being part of a club, Unsworth said:

Rhoda said: "I've been a member as long as I can remember and some of my best friends now are people I've met through the club.

"My eldest daughter is seven and playing now and I’m hoping that she will make some lifelong friends just like I did.

"It's such a big part of our lives now, I had my second baby back in April and I was a bit nervous about getting back into competitive tennis, as I'd had a caesarean, but my brother really boosted my confidence and through our great relationship got me back into it and then we won our club tournament this month, which was great."

The siblings are always excited for open days where there's the chance for new members to get involved.

Clubs across the region are opening their doors this weekend with free tennis sessions on offer for adults, families and children as part of the LTA’s Nature Valley Big Tennis Weekend initiative.

More than 55,000 people across the UK took part in last year’s Nature Valley Big Tennis Weekends with nearly half (44%) going on to join local clubs.

The doubles duo have been playing together for over 25 years and think it's a great sport for siblings to take up, Dooley said: "It's been great growing up with tennis, it was our parents that got us involved and we are so lucky to have something in our lives that we've been able to continue doing it together.

"I'm looking forward to getting my two young children involved as well. My eldest is six and he's about to start a six-week starter course called Tennis for Kids.

"It's just a great way to meet people, we have men's doubles players at the club and we meet every Tuesday and I play with sister at least once a week as well, it's brilliant to have it booked in and to take some time out of our busy schedule.

"It gets us out, keeps us active and we have a great time."

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