The Globe were invited to pop over the water to see what really goes on at a night hosted by Jonny 'Bongo' Lacey and his team.

IT wasn't the first time I had stepped foot inside Bongo's Bingo and it certainly won't be my last.

The shows take place at their new, permanent home Content which is set inside the ever popular Cain's Brewery village, near to Tank Room and Bongo's Bungalow.

Content has been purposely built to host these cult Bingo nights and is the perfect space to rave with your dabber all night long.

When we entered, we were handed a wristband, bingo slip, raffle ticket and red felt tip pen then headed straight for the bar.

Decently priced, we bulk-bought several gins in a tin and stuffed them under our arms before making our way to our bench at the front.

Getting to Bongo's early is a must if you want a good spec but from wherever you are in Content you will be able to enjoy the party to full effect.

But once those lights dim, you know it's time to welcome Jonny Bongo.

After five minutes of dancing on the benches and basking in strobe lights, there's a familiar call bellowing across the hall - LET'S PLAY BINGO!

This fast-paced game is a whirlwind and obviously after a couple of gin-in-a-tin's it's hard to keep up with the game.

Wirral Globe:

Useful tip - for anyone who has never played bingo at all, they go through a quick demonstration on stage.

With several false calls and faces in the spotlight, the game is like a marathon, with chances to win crazy prizes such as booze, cardboard cut outs, a Henry Hoover and Coco Pops.

But, if more than one person calls out, it is time for an almighty dance-off.

For this evening, with special guest Ms Dynamite, we were witness to one extra special dance-off which ended up with the crowd jeering to one lad to put his shirt back on.

And after each game there's a prize draw - remember your raffle tickets - this is how you win cold hard cash.

Once your number has been called, you make your way onto the stage where you will have to answer a question - we're talking Who Wants to be a Millionaire style.

With everyone shouting the answers out to the person on stage, you would think it would be easy to win but, oh, no.

If the cash isn't won in a round, it rolls over to another.

The amount continues to increase regardless and in the last round you can win a 'night-changing' £1,000.

Once the games are done and dusted, if you are attending a Bongo's Bingo event with special guests, that is when they will perform.

Many rushed to the front as we awaited Ms Dynamite's entrance to the venue.

Bringing a set of classic tracks and remixes, her performance was fantastic and definitely worth hanging round for.

5/5 - would go again.

Disclaimer: There's also a lot of nudity and classic tunes.

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