THE letter from P Griffiths in last week's Globe illustrates for me one of the major problems we have in dealing with Brexit.

So many people, and politicians (the latter mainly for their power-seeking ends), seem to be stuck in the binary mindset of 2016.

Surely by now everyone is capable of understanding that it's not just about leaving the EU, but the terms upon which we do.

Opposing a no-deal exit is not the same as opposing leaving full stop.

That can't be too difficult to comprehend.

Tomorrow (12/09 ) the Government is due to publish its own projections of the possible consequences of no-deal.

These may not make easy reading for some - especially those who still have rose tinted images of imperial Britain with its economic dominance.

Those days are gone!

Unless the likes of Mr Griffiths are lucky enough to be in the same income bracket as Johnson, Rees-Mogg and co, or are fully paid up adherents to the right wing populist movements of Trump, Orban, Bolonsaro etc (and here Farage and Johnson), I would suggest they try to get a strong dose of economic and political reality - as most people with "business acumen" appear to have already done.

Steve Wheeler by email