EIGHT gymnasts from Birkenhead trampoline club are set to take part in the British Championships.

The gymnasts have spent a year travelling across the UK to qualify for the event and will now take on the best gymnasts in the UK on September 27 at Arena Birmingham.

Seven of the gymnasts will be competing in double mini trampoline (DMT) they are; Beth Williamson, 19, and Lucy Steele, 18, who will compete in senior ladies; 15-year-olds Heather Marshall, Lucy Baxter and Cameron Caulfield-Pleavin, 16, will take part in the 15-16 age group; Jai Franklin, 10, will compete in 11-12 and Declan Carter who will take part in 9-10 category.

16-year-old Jack Tattersall, who is visually impaired, will be competing in the disabilities category on trampoline.

Coach Sarah Madge said: "Jack is visually impaired has done amazing to qualify to this event.

"Trampolining is a very visual sport but due to Jack's condition he can't see the trampoline very well at all and relies on feeling where he is in the air and a bright object strategically placed on the trampoline - it's just incredible.

"Among our gymnasts we have three trying to achieve scores to represent Great Britain at the World Championships in Tokyo.

"Due to Heather's great scores this year she has secured her place at World Age Championships.

"We are hoping Lucy and Beth will be joining us after their qualifying event at British championships."

Coach Sarah will also be heading out to Tokyo with Team GB.

All the gymnasts train at Drill on Grange Road West, Birkenhead. For more information call 0151 652 3100 or visit https://www.facebook.com/pg/drillgrangeroadwest/