LIKE many Wirralians I am acutely aware of the fight that is on going to protect Wirral's green belt from property development by our totally inept land grabbing incompetently run council.

One of the major issues is the "Hoylake Golf Resort" scheme that has had an obscene amount of money spent on it already.

Money that could have been more wisely spent in these times of austerity elsewhere in the borough.

I am an amateur golfer who regularly plays at many of the Wirral’s excellently run private courses.

I learned to play about 12 years ago and enjoyed Hoylake Municipal immensely.

My how this council likes to trumpet itself big and loud when the Open was here as a big golf loving fun and recreational place to enjoy sport and it is due back here in a couple of years.

So we will probably get more of the same waffle and bluster.

On Saturday last I decided at the last minute to avail myself of Hoylake's links.

I have to say what a disappointment.

The course is in a dreadful state.

Not only was there no-one available to take my money .

nearly all the bunkers were devoid of any sand (a pre-requisite of any links course) with grass growing in place of it.

The greens were weed-infested and bare for the large part.

The tee boxes needed a cut and where the fairways had had a token mow the cut grass is left in clumps all over the course.

It's a real shame that it's been left to get like this.

If only a fraction of the wasted thousands spent on feasibility studies etc for the "Golf Resort" had been spent on the keeping the course in the excellent condition it always was it would have been well worth it and much appreciated.

So come on council, what’s going on?

Is it part of a cynical ploy to run down the course to such an end that re-development is the only option?

C Brennan by email