A LISCARD family are thanking kind-hearted strangers who helped them find their daughter's cockatiel Quinn after she escaped through a window.

Mollie Blease, 14, had spent weeks teaching her baby cockatiel how to fly and build her wing muscles up.

On Monday, September 9, Mollie had been getting ready for school, allowing Quinn to fly around the room, Mollie had gone to the bathroom to change Quinn's water - Quinn followed but then flew out the window.

The family ran outside to desperately try and catch Quinn but she had disappeared without a trace.

Mollie's mum Kirstie told the Globe: "I posted on the Wallasey Gossip Facebook page about her disappearance and then all comments and shares started.

"I thought there was no way we would ever see Quinn again as she was in the big wide world.

"Every day we would put her cage in the garden and play cockatiel noises but still no sign of Quinn by Thursday we had given up hope but not my daughter she would go to bed with a photo of Quinn and pray for her to come home."

Mollie had never given up hope trying to find the missing bird that she had nurtured and although it seemed all hope was lost in finding Quinn, a miracle happened.

Kirstie added: "On Friday I got home from work and then my phone pinged with a Facebook notification. It was comment on Wallasey gossip, I checked it and someone had tagged me saying that there was a bird on Magazine Promenade matching Quinn’s description.

Wirral Globe:

Mollie with her cockatiel Quinn

"Mollie then gathered a box, towel and some food. We hoped it was Quinn, we got down there and we were greeted by a lovely lady who had put it on Facebook and yes, it looked like Quinn in the biggest tree ever.

"We tried everything to get Quinn down but the crows had seen her now and we’re sitting in the same tree, we managed to get rid of the crows and play our cockatiel music again.

"Quinn started to reply we had a bit more hope, after nearly an hour she flew off out towards Mother Redcaps Nursing Home."

Mum and daughter both ran down the prom but couldn't see her or hear her and decided to give up.

However on the way home, Mollie's aunt rang to say that Quinn had flown into Mother Redcaps Nursing Home through a window and had landed on a resident's head.

Kirstie said: "We turned around and raced to the nursing home and were greeted by a lovely lady who showed us the room where they were keeping her.

"Apparently a man from the home had his head out the window and Quinn had landed on it. She always sits on Mollie's head while she is was watching television or doing homework.

"My daughter broke down in tears as we walked in the room, this time tears of joy and relief as we had finally got Quinn back.

"As soon as we took Quinn home and got her out her box she flew straight to Mollie's head and gave out a chirp.

"The next day we went to give a card and some flowers to the people who had helped and the lady on the prom who had helped said she got a phone call from a relative from South Africa because she had seen it on Facebook.

"Mollie was definitely the talk of the prom that night.

"Quinn has had her head feathers plucked maybe from another bird but she had done amazing to last five days in the wild and fend for herself.

"Thank you to everyone who shared, comments and tagged me you have made my daughter Mollie and Quinn very happy.

"Miracles do come true."