A BLUE Plaque will be unveiled to celebrate the great French tightrope walker Charles Blondin's visit to Eastham in 1883.

The legendary daredevil is known for walking across Niagara Falls on a 1/4miles long wire in 1859 - without safety equipment.

His incredible feat made him a household name all over the world during the Victorian era.

Years later in 1883, Blondin performed at Eastham's Victorian Pleasure Gardens for 19 days, attracting more than 100,000 visitors from across the North West.

Blondin is still talked about in Eastham Village today with one resident remembering that her grandfather was carried on a wire by Blondin in a wheelbarrow.

David Allan, chairman of the local history group, Eastham Archives, said: “Blondin was household name in Victorian England following his audacious and courageous act in crossing the Niagara Falls on a ¼ mile high wire.

"In 1883, some 125 years ago he performed in front of vast crowds here at Eastham’s Victorian Pleasure gardens.

"People came from all over the north west of England, many arriving on a fleet of 10 paddle steamers from Liverpool to Eastham pier.

"His act included cooking an omelette on a stove in the middle of the wire and pushing a local lad in a wheelbarrow across the wire in front of him, an act still remembered in the village today.

"In fact, so popular was he that he returned for a repeat performance in 1884.

"We are both delighted and privileged to commemorate this daring Frenchman’s visit to Eastham with a Blue Plaque.

Wirral Globe: Blondin’s hire wire apparatus set up in Eastham Gardens in 1883

"We are particularly pleased, after an extensive search, to have found Blondin’s, great, great grandson, Stephen Scarborough, who I shall invite to unveil the plaque in honour of the spectacular visit of his great, great grandfather to Eastham 125 years ago."

Blondin's great, great grandson Stephen Scarborough will unveil the Blue Plaque at Eastham Gardens on Tuesday, September 17 from 1pm.

Stephen said: “I am really pleased to come to Eastham to unveil this plaque.

"Blondin, as you might expect, is a legend in our family.

"In spite of various attempts, fortunately none fatal, it quickly became obvious that none of us inherited his talents."

After the unveiling there will be a chance to look at the one of the old bear pit in Eastham Gardens which one of the few remaining in the UK and featured at the time of Blondin’s visit in 1883.