READERS may recall an article earlier this year regarding Woodchurch High School's new coat policy to avoid poverty shaming.

My son, being in the last year of school, and myself a single parent struggling to make ends meet I have very strong opinions.

Potentially, I'd have to buy two coats as my son wouldn’t wear the school coat outside of school.

So, he said to me he would just remove his coat (not new this winter) prior to entering school premises.

So the first week of school the pupils are having bags searched coats confiscated and threats of 45 minutes' detention should they come into school with anything other than a school coat despite the fact that it is concealed in a bag.

I contacted the school to express my frustration, but the school are adamant they are sticking to school policy.

I would like this to be published by the Wirral Globe to stress maybe in theory they think it’s the answer - but in reality all it does is add further financial worry to parents already struggling.

Name and address supplied.