IN answer to the Grange Hill concerns of Mr Charles Barnes, I wish to respond as follows.

The approval of the installation of the bespoke lighting system, designed by Phillips Lighting will ensure the current outdated 500 watt system which provides wraparound illumination of the memorial 24 hours each day.

The new system will be aimed at the statues using substantially less wattage via LED lights and can be turned off during day light hours.

They will be permanently sited unlike the current system that is installed and removed each November. Moving onto the webcam facility.

The system is designed to allow virtual visits to Grange Hill via the Friends of Grange Hill website.

Similar webcam cameras are in place at Hilbre Island and Leasowe lighthouse.

The webcam will have image retrieval, but as this area is subject to arson and vandalism, surely this can only be a good thing.

Mr Barnes also commented on the bull dozing and flattening on Grange Hill.

Recent work has included the uprooting of shrubs that pose a threat to native plants and wildlife on Grange Hill. 

The waste will soon be removed but the soil will be returned to the garden area.

The sandstone rock exposed will form a basking site for common lizards.

The work in the Garden of Remembrance follows the guidance in the report provided by Cheshire Ecology Service (CES) and will be beneficial to both the garden and wider hillside.

Derek Longman, Chairman, Friends of Grange Hill