SUPERMARKET Morrisons is set to sell a range of cleaning products in refill pods in a bid to crackdown on single-use plastics.

The OceanSaver pods will allow customers to reuse existing spray bottles just by adding the pods and mixing them with water.

These pods are available for different types of cleaning areas such as floor, bathroom, glass, kitchen and multipurpose.

At £1.50 each the pods are available individually or as part of a starter pack which includes a 'Bottle for Life' with a pod inside for just £2.50.

The Bottle for Life can be reused many times and is completely recyclable when its at the end of its life.

Madeleine Jackson, cleaning buyer at Morrisons said: "Plastic reduction is very important for our customers and we’re looking to remove it wherever we can.

"We believe we’re the first supermarket to sell a variety of cleaning pods for different jobs around the home.

"They will help our customers to reduce single use plastic in their cleaning cupboard.”

By customers diluting OceanSaver refill pods at home, Morrisons will transport 99% less water meaning fewer trucks on the road - reducing in carbon emissions.

The initial stock will be available in seven Morrisons stores with scope to spread across the UK.