WE now have an essentially unelected Tory Prime Minister attempting to impose his own concept of an extreme Brexit - with all the potentially appalling social and economic consequences that entails - without any mandate whatsoever.

Backed up by lackeys such as Rees-Mogg, he seems to be pursuing an agenda of state withdrawal, unregulated capitalism and, probably, a sweetheart deal with Trump's America that would allow access here to their substandard goods, a takeover of our NHS etc and commit us to support of their disastrous foreign policies.

Now is the time to lobby your MPs and councillors.

Forget blind party affiliations and rigid dogma, this is a national crisis.

Get together; be realistic about a figurehead and pull out all stops.

The only sector that will benefit from Johnson's plans are his own, in percentage terms, tiny class.

This isn't an attempt to stop Brexit - I think that's impossible - but to stop a no-deal, which no-one voted for as we were never given the option or the information.

Steve Wheeler by email.