I READ the letter last week headlined Much anxiety regarding the proposal of a café / hub in Harrison Park.

I am not opposed to a café/hub with toilets accessible to the public in the park but just its location.

This was put forward a couple of years ago which residents strongly opposed as the building to be used is situated right by houses and gardens.

I am sure not many people would want it open seven days a week right by their houses a few feet away, bringing with it lots of downsides for the residents too many to list.

The park is very large and already has a bowling green pavilion and another large pavilion in the centre it is used by football teams in season.

I have been told that it used to be a cricket pavilion and piping and drainage is already in place there.

Surely this proposed cafe would be better suited to be in the middle of the park away from residents houses as it will obviously be a very busy place.

I do hope people will see our point of view, as this is so worrying and stressful.

Concerned resident by email.