New labels for petrol and diesel are appearing at fuel stations.

The Department for Transport has been rolling out a new set of labels for petrol and diesel pumps at fuel stations across the UK. All fuel stations should now have these in place, with the rules making it mandatory by September 1.

What do they mean?

Petrol is now labelled E5 and diesel is B7.

The letter and number tell you the type of renewable fuel and the maximum percentage of the relevant renewable fuel it contains.

Nothing is changing with the fuels.

Where will I see the new labels?

The labels will be on fuel dispensers and nozzles at all petrol stations and on new vehicles.

The DfT say on new vehicles you can match the label on the pump with a label near the fuel cap.

What if my car has a sticker saying it can use E10 petrol?

You can use E5 petrol as well. E10 is not yet available to use in the UK. It available in Europe, the USA and Australia as well as other parts of the world. Most vehicles built since 2000 have been approved to use E10 petrol as well as E5.

What is E10 petrol?

E10 is petrol with up to 10% renewable ethanol. It could be available in the UK in future to help reduce overall carbon dioxide emissions of petrol vehicles and meet climate change targets.

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My car sticker says not to use biodiesel - can I still use B7?

Yes, B7 diesel can be used by all diesel vehicles. The fuel has not changed.

The DfT say some cars have a sticker saying 'no biodiesel' near the fuel filler cap.

This is to stop people using very high biodiesel blends, or even 100% biodiesel.