RESIDENTS and visitors are being urged to plan ahead of road closures during the OVO Energy Tour of Britain when it arrives in Wirral.

There will be several road closures in place when the biggest cycle race heads to the borough on Wednesday, September 11.

Many will be rolling closures, meaning roads will only be closed for short periods of time while riders pass on the route.

Where possible road access will be maintained for residents and businesses.

Stage five of the OVO Energy Tour of Britain is 174-kilometres (108-mile).

Riders will pass through Port Sunlight and into Cheshire West and Chester before passing the Airbus UK manufacturing facility at Broughton.

The route will return to Wirral via Heswall, Caldy and Hoylake, before passing through the Birkenhead Park finish line and taking in a loop through Seacombe, Wallasey and New Brighton.

The rolling road closures in place between 11am and 4pm are as follows:


  • Ashville Road - For its entire length
  • Park Road North - Between Duke Street and Park Road East
  • Conway Street - Between Park Road East and Watson Street
  • Watson Street - Between Conway Street and Price Street
  • Price Street - Between Watson Street and Lord Street
  • Lord Street - Between Price Street and Cleveland Street
  • Cleveland Street - Between Lord Street and Hamilton Street
  • Hamilton Street - Between Hamilton Square north and Hamilton Square
  • Hamilton Square - Between Argyle Street and Hamilton Street
  • Argyle Street - Between Price Street and Conway Street
  • Argyle Street - Between Conway Street and Wilbraham Street
  • Wilbraham Street - Between Argyle Street and Argyle Street South
  • Argyle street South - Between Wilbraham Street and Pearson Road
  • Pearson Road - Between Argyle Street South and Church Road
  • Church Road - Between Pearson Road and Bebington Road
  • Park Road West - Between Upton Road / Park Road North and Ashville Road
  • Watson Street - Between Conway Street and Cleveland Street
  • Rendel Street - Between Cleveland Street and Tower Road
  • Tower Road - Between Rendel Street and Dock Road / Birkenhead Road


  • Bebington Road - Between Church Road and Old Chester Road


  • Old Chester Road - Between Kings Lane and Bebington Road
  • Bromborough Road - Between The Wiend and Church Road
  • The Village - Between Church Road and Heath Road
  • Heath Road - Between The Village and Brackenwood Road
  • Brackenwood Road - Between Heath Road and Bracken Lane
  • Bracken Lane - Between Brackenwood Road and Mount Road
  • Mount Road - Between Bracken Lane and Rest Hill Road/Village Road


  • Bebington Road - Between Old Chester Road and Boundary Road
  • Boundary Road - Between Bebington Road and Circular Drive
  • Circular Drive - Between Boundary Road and Pool Bank
  • Pool Bank - Between Circular Drive and Corniche Road
  • Corniche Road - Between Pool Bank and Bolton Road
  • The Ginnel - Between Bolton Road and Wharf Street
  • Wood Street - Between Wharf Street and Greendale Road
  • Greendale Road - Between Wood Street and Ellen's Lane
  • Ellen's Lane - Between Greendale Road and Bromborough Road


  • Rest Hill Road - Between Mount Road and Red Hill Road
  • Rest Hill Road - Between Rest Hill Road and Station Road/Lever Causeway
  • Station Road - Between Lever Causeway/Red Hill Road and Storeton Lane


  • Storeton Lane - Between Station Road and Barnston Road
  • Barnston Road - Between Storeton Lane and Telegraph Road


  • Chester Road - Between Telegraph Road and Chester High Road


  • Telegraph Road - Between Chester Road and Column Road


  • Caldy Road - Between Column Road/Telegraph Road to Sandy Lane


  • Village Road - Between Kirby Park and Sandy Lane
  • Sandy Lane - Between Village Road and Banks road
  • Banks Road - Between Sandy Lane and Dee lane
  • Dee Lane - Between Banks road and Grange Road
  • Grange Road - Between Dee lane and Riversdale Road
  • Meols Drive - Between Grange Road and Market Street


  • The King's Gap - Between Market Street and North Parade
  • North Parade - Between The King's Gap and Meols Parade
  • Meols Parade - Between North Parade and Dovepoint Road
  • Dovepoint Road - Between Meols Parade and Birkenhead Road


  • Birkenhead Road - Between Dovepoint Road and Heron Road
  • Heron Road - Between Birkenhead Road and Saughall Massie Road
  • Birkenhead Road - Between Hoylake Road and Heron Road


  • Pump Lane - Between Saughall Massie Road and Frankby Road
  • Frankby Road - Between Pump Lane and Greasby Road
  • Greasby Road - Between Pump Lane and Upton By-pass
  • Upton Bypass - Upton Bypass roundabout at its junction with Greasby Road and Old Greasby Road


  • Old Greasby Road - Between Upton By-pass and Arrowe Park Road / Moreton Road
  • Ford Road - Between Arrowe Park Road /Moreton Road and Upton Road


  • Upton Road - Between Ford Road and Park Road West


  • Birkenhead Road - Between Dock Road / Tower Road and Kelvin Road
  • Kelvin Road - Between Birkenhead Road and Wheatland Lane
  • Wheatland Lane - Between Kelvin Road and Poulton Road
  • Mainwaring Road - Between Poulton Road and Hartismere Road
  • Liscard Road - Between Hartismere Road and Church Street
  • Church Street - Between Liscard Road and King Street / Brighton Street
  • King Street - Between Church Street / Tobin Street and Blenheim Road
  • Seabank Road - Between Blenheim Road and Rowson Street
  • Rowson Street - Between Seabank Road and Kings Parade / Marine Promenade
  • King's Parade - Between Harrison Drive and Rowson Street
  • Harrison Drive - Between King's Parade and Grove Road
  • Wallasey Village - Between Grove Road and Leasowe Road


  • Leasowe Road - Between Wallasey Village and Pasture Road


  • Pasture Road - Between Leasowe Road and Hoylake Road
  • Hoylake Road - Between Pasture Road / Upton Road and Birkenhead Road

The roads closed from 6pm on Tuesday, September 10 to 6pm on Wednesday, September 11 are as follows:

  • Ashville Road, Birkenhead - For its entire length
  • Cavendish Road - Between Park Road North and Ashville Road

The roads closed from 11am to 4pm on Wednesday, September 11 are as follows:

  • Banks Road, West Kirby - Between Dee Lane and Sandy Lane
  • Heron Road, Meols - Northbound carriageway between Saughall Massie Road and Birkenhead Road
  • Slip Road between A554 North Wallasey Approach Road and A551 Leasowe Road (Westbound) - Slip Road between A554 North Wallasey Approach Road and A551 Leasowe Road (Westbound) for its entire length

Parking restrictions will also be in place from 6pm on Tuesday, September 10 to 4pm on Wednesday, September 11, a full list can be found by clicking here.