MANY people will have seen on Facebook the suggestion for a café in Harrison Park.

It is not, as suggested by the photos to be in the football pavilion, but in a disused, vandalised building between the tennis courts.

This was once the changing room for tennis players and was well supervised by the then full-time park keeper and a lady who collected the money.

This so-called improvement is 3ft away from our back fence of our small garden.

We are assured by a park official that public toilets are available in the bowling green.

If future toilets are needed, why not use the original site in the middle of the park where apparently the piping and drainage are still in place?

At a last count we have eight outlets for drinks, snacks and light meals in the village, plus two in Grove Road, and also evening venues.

Many activities are available for all ages including learning and physical disabilities.

We are not against a café in the park, only its locality, but this plan is of grave concern and much anxiety to those of us it will affect.

Mr and Mrs J Hughes, Wallasey