AN inspiring LGBTQ+ charity ambassador from New Brighton has mixed with royalty and spoke with MPs as part of his new volunteering role.

Edmund Prescott, from New Brighton, was recently appointed as young ambassador for charity 'akt' which campaigns for safe homes and better futures for the young LGBTQ+ community.

The 22-year-old broadcast production and presenting student at University of Chester was inspired to back the charity after receiving support from it growing up.

After experiencing a difficult time in the care system, a youth worker recommended that Edmund should contact akt for support.

At 17, Edmund taught himself how to read and write and lived off £3 a week for food.

He even had to sell his own fridge to pay for his UCAS application for university.

As part of his new role, Edmund recently met the Duke of Cambridge at the opening of akt’s new centre in London and the next day he visited Burberry’s headquarters in Westminster to feature in a podcast.

Edmund told the Globe: “Since taking this role on in January this year, I’ve had such an amazing experience, educating others about LGBTQ+ struggles, speaking to people and explaining about the work akt does.

"There is a large number of LGBTQ+ young people who are homeless. This is an issue that needs raising in society, the education system and government, as with education, comes knowledge and with knowledge comes empathy and empathy can empower action for tremendous change. I am deeply honoured to serve akt as a young ambassador.

“I met Prince William at the opening of the new akt Centre in London.

"He asked me about my role as a young ambassador and why I do it.

"I explained that I hoped that one day everybody will be able to walk down the street without suffering from abuse or oppression and that people will be free from labels and enabled to be the individuals they so rightly deserve to be.

"Prince William is an immensely warm and charismatic Prince, who I think will one day make a great king.

“I feel like I wouldn’t be here without akt. They gave me a mentor and a key worker when I needed their help and they do so much to help young people, and 78% of the Trust’s income is spent on the young people.

"Their work is immensely important and I want to help them achieve their aims to stop youth LGBTQ+ youth homelessness and protect the LGBTQ+ community.”

Edmund also recently visited the Speaker’s House at the House of Commons to celebrate the Trust’s 30th anniversary and met with MPs, trustees and patrons.

He added: “After my degree, I would love a career as a comedy presenter/comedy script writer, as I live for comedy and it flows through my very being.

"My hero is Sir Ken Dodd, who in my book is one of the greatest comedians that ever lived. I shared some laughs with Prince William and he said before departing: “Edmund, keep the jokes up.

“Throughout my life, there have been many battles, there have been many tears, I have endured things unimaginable, however I will never stop trying, as one only fails when one gives up and giving up is not in my makeup.

"I’m not living my life to be somebody, nor to follow the crowd, I’m living it to do something. Volunteering with akt is helping me to achieve that."

Following the podcast interview at Burberry in London, the employees were so stunned by Edmund’s story, the team applauded him for his determination when he left the building.

Rebecca Hughes, the university’s student welfare project officer, said: “Edmund has overcome such a lot to get to University and is a real inspiration.

"It’s amazing to hear that Edmund is managing to fit all of this in alongside his studies and is so committed to helping others.

"I have no doubt that Edmund will continue to advocate for others both during and after his studies.”