Forces of nature

LIKE King Canute, Wirral Council are trying to stop the forces of nature by trying to destroy the natural grasses on Hoylake beach - but for what purpose?

Is it to encourage more visitors to the beach?

It can't be that - we now have a beach that can't be used by children and dogs for a month at the height of summer.

Is it because the grass is unsightly?

Well that’s a matter of personal opinion as I for one would prefer the sight of a few 'weeds' that attracts more wildlife and makes the beach a more varied landscape.

Is it to protect the natural environment?

It can't be that - the "weeds" help hold the beach together, reducing the amount of sand that blows in the wind and drifts on to the road.

With increasing extreme weather, we will need our natural allies more than ever to preserve the beach and protect our coastline.

What is the council’s justification for this waste of money and risk to our health?

Name and address supplied.