IN response to Ms Mason's letter regarding road safety (July 31) and in particular her comments on the "unsafe speed limits" on Brimstage Road, I think it should be explained to her that when a rural road has a speed limit other than the national speed limit it is required to have repeater signs to remind the road-users of that restriction.

Further; if a bend is of a certain radius or has a hazard such as a blind junction, then the road engineer will give the road-user a warning that is related to the speed of the traffic on that road.

There will be markings such as "slow" and there will be hazard lines marked in the road. That is why she has seen a 50mph sign close to a hazard warning sign.

Ms Mason's comments alarm me because there are so many people who, like her, believe that slow is the answer to road safety but being unable to understand basic Highway Code is acceptable.

How would I like to see road safety improve?

Once a year every driver should attend a one hour session with a qualified driving instructor.

We present our cars for the annual MoT. We service our cars because the manufacturer says we have to.

How is it that once we have passed our driving test we are perfect for ever?

Steve Smith, Pensby