A BIRD of prey became trapped inside a store in Chester and had to be rescued by the city cathedral's expert falconers.

The drama unfolded at B&M on Sealand Road on Friday when the cathedral's marketing manager Kevin Baxter made a trip to the store and quickly became aware of the bizarre situation.

A wild sparrow hawk was perched in a dark corner of the store, and had been all day – despite the best efforts of staff to lure the bird out.

A few phone calls later and cathedral falconer Pete Wright, from the Chester Cathedral Falconry Centre, gladly gave up his time to come and help the bird – and the B&M store staff – who had no idea what to do if the bird remained in store come closing time.

A few hours later and the hawk was released from the store by Pete and his girlfriend, Gemma Shaw.

Wirral Globe:

The rescued sparrow hawk.

Families can meet and learn more about birds of prey at the Chester Cathedral Falconry and Nature Gardens which is home to owls, hawks, falcons and a very mischievous vulture. It’s located just off the city walls and is open daily from 10am to 4pm.