LFC fans who booed and whistled during the playing of the national anthem at Wembley last weekend have scored a blinder with this socialist.

While members of the establishment in the plush section of the stadium, including "Prince" William, almost choked on their pre-match Chardonnays, this quintessentially Liverpudlian defiance of the "high and mighty" warmed the cockles of my heart.

Typically, the capitalist press and media have chosen to turn a deaf ear to the fans’ noisy demonstration of displeasure.

The spirit of working class rebellion is alive and well in this city.

In fact, ten years of savage Tory "austerity" have broadened and deepened the anti-establishment loathing of the long-suffering working class people of the city.

The country is now led by an unelected Tory toff who, when editor of the far-right Spectator

magazine published an infamous article in 2004 deriding the solidarity shown by Liverpool's people for one of its own, Kenneth Bigley, murdered by terrorists in Iraq, while also regurgitating The Sun smears and lies about Hillsborough.

Fearful of the uproar these comments provoked in Liverpool, Johnson was ordered by the Tory Party leadership to make a grovelling, and wholly insincere "apology" on an enforced, penitential visit to the city.

The people of this city are right to have long memories and to have learnt the lessons of the past, the better to prepare for the future.

James Roberts, Wallasey