HOW many people know of a gem of a museum, hidden in Taylor Street, Birkenhead?

Yes, the transport museum.

It is full of wonderful past items of Birkenhead's tram network.

It has beautifully restored, painted trams in full working order, waiting to go, but with nowhere to go.

The tram track layout must have been a lot of hard work, but is in a disappointing location.

It goes from somewhere to nowhere and back.

Woodside 2019 is a joke.

Looking at old photos of Woodside Tram Terminus, it must have been a wonderful site.

Can anybody anybody answer this question: how much does a mile of tram track and line cost?

Where's the best place to run a tram track? From Seacombe Ferry Terminal to New Brighton on the promenade waterfront.

How many people would like a long tram ride?

The transport museum should move to a new location in Seacombe’s old, useless toy science Spaceport.

At least this is a better project than the wasted money on the Hoylake golf development.

Everybody can use it.

It would make a great tourist attraction.

Mr Lee, Prenton.