Veteran trade unionist Mick Whitley was selected by Labour Party members last Saturday to run for Birkenhead at the next General Election, whenever it comes.

Mr Whitley was born in Birkenhead and grew up on the Woodchurch estate.

For 27 years, he worked at Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port, representing workers as a shop steward and eventually serving as the car plant’s trade union convenor.

He went on to work as a regional officer for the Transport & General Workers Union and then as the regional secretary for Unite the Union, before leaving in 2017 to become a community activist.

Mr Whitley said his vision is for a Birkenhead that is vibrant with community spirit and a sense of solidarity.

To achieve this, he said he will fight to secure decent industrial jobs, proper council housing, and protect local green spaces from unwanted luxury developments.

Mick Whitley said: “For too long, there has not been a permanent place in Birkenhead for local people to meet their MP.

"One of my key pledges is a constituency office which is open and accessible to the community, providing a warm welcome to Birkenhead constituents.

"Local people should be able to pop in and discuss any issues they may have with their MP.

“Birkenhead has been left behind by a Conservative political and economic order that’s remained unchallenged for far too long.

"We need to bring real opportunities and optimism back to our northern towns by electing a Labour government which will put communities like Birkenhead first.”