AS a current member of Rock Ferry Labour Party, I would like to respond to a couple of points in Steve Wheeler's letter in the Wirral Globe.

Steve incorrectly asserts that Labour's candidate in Rock Ferry was "parachuted in", implying outside interference and a lack of commitment to the ward from our chosen candidate, Yvonne Nolan (now Rock Ferry ward councillor).

These same slurs were widely used by supporters of the independent candidate during May's election campaign.

This is dishonest and unfair and needs to stop.

Not only is it unfair to Yvonne, who was selected fairly via the Labour Party's normal selection procedures, it is also unfair to those party members who chose Yvonne as their candidate – hardworking residents of the ward who want the best for their community and who will be rightly offended by the insinuation that they would accept a "parachuted" candidate or one who didn't share their commitment.

Yvonne has been working incredibly hard for Rock Ferry since day one of her tenure.

The list of meetings, events and activities she has been involved with is far too long to even begin to list here.

Yvonne's reports to branch will be made available on the Rock Ferry Branch Labour Party facebook page for anyone interested in her work.

As well as working hard at council and in meetings with local organisations, Yvonne has made herself available to all ward residents through twice weekly surgeries at Rock Ferry Library every Friday, 4.30pm to 6pm and Saturday, 11am to 2.30pm.

Any ward resident with an issue they need help with is welcome to attend (no appointment necessary) or to contact Yvonne at

Neil O'Hagan by email