WHEN I first read about Stagecoach wanting to alter the bus route 22, I thought it was to alter the present route 22 to going through Irby just in early evening, not all the time.

However, the latest update is that the route 22 won't serve the hospital at all from September onwards, which is unfair to a lot of people.

So what are the elderly, infirm, disabled, parents with young children, people without cars or those who prefer to use public transport suppose to do if they need to go to Arrowe Park Hospital and they live in West Wirral (Meols, Hoylake, West Kirby, Newton, Frankby or Greasby) from September.

Maybe there is a way of solving this and allowing the 22 to go through Irby as it did originally.

Why not extend route 38 service once an hour from West Kirby to Arrowe Park Hospital until 6pm?

It already serves Meols and Hoylake.

Name and address supplied.