MY unwelcome shadow in the columns of your newspaper, Steve Wheeler, is disseminating yet more falsehoods, “Entrenched Ideas,” Wirral Globe, 17.7.2019.

He was wrong about Julian Assange, now facing probable extradition to the US in February, 2020, due to Britain’s status as a US puppet State, and its complicity in the US war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria that Assange graphically exposed on his Wikileaks website.

He is also wrong about my “relationship” with the Labour Party.

There isn’t one. I left the Labour Party in 1995 in protest at the Blairite counter-revolution, and its deletion of the Socialist Clause 4 of the Party Constitution, which was written into it in 1918 under the influence of the 1917 Russian Revolution on Socialists within its ranks at the time.

I do not have to be a member of the Labour Party, however, to observe the inveterate hatred of the capitalist class and its State machine for the Party, which has been ratcheted up several degrees since Corbyn became Leader in 2015.

The non-stop efforts to smear, destabilise, and overthrow Corbyn’s leadership, as manifested in the capitalist press and media on a daily basis, reflect capitalist class’ fears of Corbyn’s promised reforms if elected PM, and of him being lifted into office by a radicalised working class that is seething with discontent after 10 years of savage Tory “austerity.”

In contrast to Corbyn, and the Corbynistas who have twice elected Corbyn as Party Leader by overwhelming majorities, I am a full-blooded socialist or Marxist, who firmly believes Corbyn is a petit-bourgeois radical, rather than a real socialist.

This will become clear if and when he becomes PM.

James Roberts by email.