IN response to A Reid’s letter, surely no law-abiding motorist who keeps to the legal speed limits would object to a police presence encouraging a safe speed on our roads?

It is significant that in the same issue of the Globe, another letter suggested a “police blitz fining illegal drivers would jog them into acting legally in future.”

May I suggest that the cost of building a lay-by for police vehicles is less than the cumulative cost to the public coffers of dealing with fatalities, serious injuries or lifelong disabilities as a result of poor driving?

If nothing else, a strong police presence discourages aggressive drivers who tailgate or intimidate more cautious motorists.

I regularly drive along Brimstage Road from Heswall to Spital. The section of the road up to the Clatterbridge roundabout can be particularly tricky in bad weather or poor visibility because of the unsafe speed limits and contradictory road signs.

Approaching a series of bends and the words SLOW on the road there is a 50mph sign.

The section of the road from the roundabout to Spital has a 30mph limit, a more regular police presence and encourages much safer driving.

Those who do not seem to appreciate the efforts of road safety campaigners might change their mind if their family or friends were affected by the consequences of unsafe driving.

Like many other local people I fully support the courageous campaign by Mrs Fielding to make our roads safer for all of us.

Philomena Mason, Heswall.