STUDENTS, staff and international visitors to The Observatory School have created their very own Umbrella Project to celebrate neurodiversity and challenge stereotypes.

Winner of the TES International Award 2019, the Bidston based school have partnered with the ADHD Foundation to help students, staff, parents and even teachers from around the world to decorate umbrellas with thought provoking quotes, statements and artwork.

The messages and artwork on the umbrellas reflect the need to celebrate diversity, overcome difficulties, challenge perceptions and embrace the unique talents individuals may have.

Co-ordinating Umbrella Project teacher Tony Kobus told the Globe: “I was overwhelmed with the contribution from all involved.

"The inspiring quotes, song lyrics, images and sayings chosen demonstrated a true understanding and a real celebration of neurodiversity.

"I particularly like how the weather developed as a theme across many of the umbrellas.

"It was great to have umbrellas completed by visiting teachers from Finland, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey.

"Their contributions included quotes from their own literary genres and messages about overcoming challenges, being unique, celebrating diversity and empowering individuals.”

The chief executive of the ADHD Foundation Tony Lloyd visited the school on Monday, July 22 to join in the celebration of neurodiversity.

He said: “The Umbrella Project at The Observatory School is a celebration of the diversity and the creative intelligence of all who have contributed.”

“I was delighted to see The Observatory School join in, celebrating neurodiversity with their own unique Umbrella Project.

"The amazingly creative contributions from pupils, staff, parents and international teachers, acknowledged the importance of being positive about neurodiversity through imaginative artwork and positive quotes.

"Every child is intelligent and gifted and it was great to see how all the pupils took pride in their ‘Umbrella Project' installation. This school is doing a brilliant job in enabling children to recognize their talents, achieve their potential and succeed."

International quotes on the umbrellas include quotes such as: “Believe in yourself” and "Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act."