Globe theatre critic Peter Grant digs out his blanket, something to sit on and a picnic basket ready for Off the Ground's latest production.

WIRRAL Globe Arts Ambassadors Off the Ground are bringing a youthful 'buzz' to the Bard for their 2019 open-air touring play.

And the acclaimed company say it's a case of 'anything goes' once you're in the forests outside Athens.

Modern Wirral doubles up for Ancient Greece on six of the dates on their UK and Ireland trek.

This latest version of A Midsummer Night's Dream is from Liverpool Everyman's Associate director Chris Tomlinson.

Assistant director Connor Wray told the Globe: "It's a sparkling comedy all about love and adulthood.

"We see the characters of Oberon, Titania and mischievous Puck as well as fairies and a Donkey all let loose while plotting their plans set against a contemporary backdrop."

Connor added that this year's much-awaited play is an exciting new direction for the innovative 25-year-old theatre company who are based in West Kirby.

He said:"This year presents a new challenge for us as we are taking a classic, well-loved Shakespeare text and applying the same sense of journey, conquest and excitement to the work.

"We have made a real name four ourselves in the past few years with the kind of epic, adventure- story-driven pieces we've produced.

"This year it will be amazing to see that same audience get the same buzz from Shakespeare, too.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream is perfect for us to mash the two together, with the amount of magic and madness it has from start to finish."

To catch OTG on the Wirral dates of the tour you can se them at the following locations: Thursday July 25: Birkenhead Priory (7.30pm)

Friday, July 26: Burton Manor (7.30pm)

Sunday, July 28: Claremont Farm 6.30pm )

Wednesday, July 31: Queen's Park, Hoylake (7.30pm)

Saturday, August 3: Royden Park (7.30pm)

Sunday, August 4: Gordale Garden Centre (6.30pm)

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