I wholeheartedly agree with Dave Hall's sentiments "Don't mow let it grow" in his letter in the July 10 edition of the Globe.

I, too, was disappointed to see the wildflowers on the grass verge on Pensby Road decimated by the council's lawnmowers.

I have contacted Wirral Council numerous times to suggest they reduce the frequency of grass cutting during the summer months to allow wildflowers to grow and provide food and habitat for the ever-dwindling insect population, but they never respond.

Maybe now that Wirral Council has declared a Climate Emergency, they will consider all residents' views on this matter, not just those who want the verges to be kept short and "tidy."

After all, it's a small change that will make a big difference and save the council some money.

All these patches of short grass are no use to wildlife and negatively impact biodiversity.

They are basically 'green minideserts.'

What a wonderful opportunity we have to help pollinators, butterflies, ladybirds etc, by just allowing grass and wildflowers to grow.

Come on Wirral Council, stop bowing to the “tidy brigade” - take a bold stance and put our environment first.

Louise Bennett, Pensby