TWO police constables have been nominated for their bravery after responding to an incident involving a gunman in West Kirby.

Merseyside Police constables Stuart Bratherton and Mark Patterson were on uniform patrol on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 when they responded to a call of a man threatening a member of the public with a gun in West Kirby.

They saw the man's car leaving the scene and followed him while providing a commentary to the control room so that firearms officers could attend.

The pair were then left with a spit-second decision after the car suddenly stopped in a residential street and the officers had to either wait for armed response or confront the suspect.

It was then when the officers confronted the man and thankfully were able to arrest him.

After searching his car, officers found a gun and a bomb.

Due to the risk to residents, all homes were evacuated and a safety cordon was put in place.

An Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD) confirmed that the suspect bomb inside was a 'viable explosive device' and needed a robot to carried out a controlled explosion.

Following a search of the gunman's home, another gun and several other homemade explosive devices were also recovered.

The man was found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court and sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

Now the officers have been nominated by the force for the Police Federation Bravery Awards which aims to honour officers who have performed 'outstanding' acts of bravery on or off duty.

Taking place tonight (Thursday, July 18) in London, the awards will see eight regional winners presented with awards.

Merseyside Police Federation chairman Tony Fairclough said: “Constables Bratherton and Patterson showed remarkable courage that day and thankfully a potentially very dangerous individual was put behind bars.

"I have no doubt that their selflessness and bravery saved lives and to be nominated for an award is the very least they deserve.

"PC’s Bratherton and Patterson are a credit to the force and a credit to Merseyside and I wish them all the very best at tonight’s ceremony.”