HAVING just read James Roberts' letter Capitalist plot in the Globe, I feel I must reply to him - as I did earlier in the year on other issues.

I, actually, agree with his central premise about media bias, etc, and am an ex-Labour party member and activist - expelled a few months ago for campaigning for an independent councillor in the May elections who I thought would better represent our ward than the candidate parachuted in.

However, I think he misses a very important point - namely that the old certainties are changing.

Corbyn is a good mouthpiece but in my view a bad leader who shoots himself and his party in the foot by fudging every issue from the Salisbury poisonings through to blind support for every vaguely left wing leader of dubious principles (eg Maduro), antisemitism and Brexit.

I could go on.

John McDonnell would, I think, be far better.

Between Corbyn's indecisiveness and muddled policies and the prospect of the appalling Johnson becoming PM - rightly described as perhaps the result of Trump going to Eton - the old duopoly of politics may rapidly be breaking up.

My hope is that new ideas and alliances will emerge and we might even survive the looming prospect of a mindless Brexit and I wish the Mr Roberts' of this world would move away from their entrenched ideas and contribute to this.

Steve Wheeler by email.