THIS week's disclosures in The Times newspaper that senior Civil Servants have been briefing journalists on the alleged "unfitness" of Jeremy Corbyn to be PM is just the latest manifestation of the long-running ruling class plot against the election of a Corbyn-led Labour Government.

People who read the book Spycatcher by ex-MI5 Agent Peter Wright will know that such intrigues against Labour are not new.

Wright's book, which the Thatcher Government tried to ban, reveals similar Establishment conspiracies against Wilson’s Labour Government from 1974 and 1976, when Wilson suddenly and unexpectedly resigned as PM to be replaced by Jim Callaghan, who went on to lose the 1979 general election to Thatcher.

The Murdoch-owned, anti-Labour Times revelled in reporting senior Civil Servants saying 70-year-old Corbyn "isn't up to the job physically or mentally," and is "losing his memory."

Corbyn was understandably outraged by the disclosures.

He had a meeting with the head of the Civil Service, Sir Mark Sedwill and demanded an independent inquiry" into the "extremely ignorant" and "malicious" remarks.

He also said, naively, that the Civil Service is supposed to be politically "neutral" and loyally serve any elected Government of whatever political stripe.

The capitalist State machine is most definitely not politically "neutral."

To suggest this is to turn reality on its head and promote dangerous illusions - as The Times’ revelations demonstrate emphatically.

All the institutions of a capitalist State - judiciary, Army, police, MI5/6, monarchy, and Civil Service - are utterly dedicated to preserving and protecting the capitalist status quo.

James Roberts, Wallasey.