WELCOME to Haunted Wirral, a feature series written by world famous psychic researcher, Tom Slemen for the Globe.

In this latest tale, Tom explores the story behind Gina's guardian demon...

In the winter of 2012, a 22-year-old girl named Gina started work as a secretary for an estate agent in Birkenhead, and although she hated early starts on dark mornings it was the overtime that was bothering her, as she had to go home through some poorly-lit streets on these winter evenings and when Gina took a short-cut through Hamilton Square she felt it had a creepy atmosphere hanging over it.

Gina’s boyfriend Elliot was currently studying Art History at Sussex University, and if he’d been back in Liverpool he would have taken her to and from work in his battered Ford Focus. Gina texted him before work, on her lunch break and in the evenings she chatted to Elliot for hours on her mobile.

He made flying visits at weekends, but he had two more years to go at Uni. About a month into Gina’s new job the stalking started. It began on Gina’s Facebook page with someone named 'Penketh John' commenting: "Saw you walking thru Hamilton Square in your red coat and you never even noticed me. Maybe next time x."

Gina had indeed worn a red coat a few days back, and she tried to recall if anyone had passed her but all she could remember was a middle-aged businessman with an attaché case and an elderly man in a trilby.

On the following morning at 7:50am she received an anonymous text message which ran: "Hope I bump into u on Hamilton Sq l8tr?"

Should she tell Elliot about this potential stalker or was it just someone she knew messing about? Gina was unsure what to do. She called her mother, who lived at The Woodlands, half a mile from her flat, and told her about the messages.

"Keep your wits about you when you go to work, love," was her mum’s advice, "or just get a cab to and from work for a week."

That evening after work, Gina circumvented Hamilton Square and on the 15-minute journey home she kept looking over her shoulder. Every man who passed was under suspicion. When she got home she couldn’t get the key in the door. It transpired that someone had squirted superglue into it.

The neighbour, Mr Jenkins, had to kick the door in, and he replaced the lock. That evening another anonymous text message was received by Gina: "Stuck on you. Love that song :)"

Saturday came and Elliot made a surprise visit, but was baffled as to why his key didn’t open the flat door. Gina had to tell him what had happened. Elliot was furious and told his girlfriend she shouldn’t have kept the stalking business secret – "unless," he added, "you know who he is and you like him!"

"I can’t believe you just said that," said Gina slowly shaking her head, "I haven’t a bloody clue who he is! You’re so paranoid – and untrusting."

"I’ll have to tell the Uni I’ve had a family bereavement and take some time off!" Elliot decided, "And I’ll get to the bottom of this!"

There was a supernova of a row and Elliot broke the Marilyn Manson Vinyl Clock he had bought for Gina down in Brighton.

He apologised, stayed for a few days, during which the stalker was inactive, and then he returned to Sussex.

As soon as Elliot was home he called Gina and asked her to come and live with him down in Brighton, but Gina said she’d deal with the stalker issue first; she was not going to live in fear of anyone – and then she’d consider moving to Brighton.

There was a pause, and then Elliot asked, "Have you got someone who’s going to sort this stalker out?" and before Gina could answer he added: "You’ve got someone haven’t you? You don’t want to come down and stay with me because you’re seeing someone."

Gina swore and hung up. The phone chimed from a text message. It was not from Elliot – it was from the stalker. "Passed your place ‘tother day and heard you and your fellah arguing lol."

Gina had had enough, and she started to cry – and then she felt that presence – a presence she sometimes felt whenever she thought her life was in danger. She called her mother and told her about the presence.

Her worried mother said: "Gina, turn to God; go to church; you don’t need that thing’s help."

Gina’s father had died just before she was born, and he had been a hard-core occultist; even Satanists had said he had gone too far, summoning up ancient evil beings known as the Yovar (which I’ve written about before in my books); they are said to be even more evil than the Devil.

Gina’s father had dedicated his unborn daughter to one of the Yovar – and had begged it to act as a type of guardian angel – or should I say guardian demon?

The entity who looked after Gina when her life was in jeopardy was Ubil (pronounced Yoobill), and she had fainted when she had first seen him when she was five, for he had a misshapen octopus-like head of tentacles and glowing eyes.

On that occasion he had removed her from a pond she had fallen into.

Three times he had saved her life. On Tuesday evening there were screams in Hamilton Square. The stalker had confronted homeward-bound Gina and a monstrosity had appeared and seized him.

He never recovered from the trauma and is still receiving treatment.

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