WELCOME to Haunted Wirral, a feature series written by world famous psychic researcher, Tom Slemen for the Globe.

In this latest tale, Tom explores the some sightings of Wirral's guardian angels...

There was a spate of angel sightings and purported encounters with glowing angelical beings across Wirral and parts of Liverpool in the early 1970s.

On the Tuesday night of 13 July 1971, at around 9:45pm, a woman putting her cat out on Marine Drive, Lower Heswall, noticed something very strange in the sky – a human figure, glowing with a golden light, and a smaller point of yellowish light beyond it – were high in the starry heavens, drifting towards Wirral from North Wales.

The woman put down her cat and rushed indoors to tell her husband Brian, and he and his wife had a look at the mysterious objects in the sky with a pair of 10x25 binoculars.

What the couple saw left them speechless for a while – the glowing figure looked just like a man with a pair of wings, and beyond him was another winged being floating in the distance; in other words, the entities looked just like archetypal angels minus the harps.

The couple was not overly religious and certainly not prone to seeing biblical beings in the skies over Heswall, and fearing ridicule, they told no one what they had seen, but unknown to them, other people across Wirral were also looking up at the glowing figures in the sky, and over in south Liverpool, the police received so many reports, they contacted the Meteorological Office at Liverpool Airport, but were told that there were no unusual weather conditions to account for the strange things being seen in the night skies.

Around this time, someone who was never identified telephoned Birkenhead Police and told them that the ‘nonsense about the lights in the sky’ was just the break-up of the Russian space station Salyut and that intelligence chiefs in Whitehall had instructed him to kill the story about the lights in the sky for reasons of national security he was not allowed to go into.

Just over a year later, police received several reports from residents on Park Road East one night concerning a motorcycle with an unusually bright headlamp that was being driven recklessly around Birkenhead Park.

A patrol car was alerted to the situation and entered the park.

Instead of confronting a madcap motorcyclist, the two policemen in the patrol car saw a bright light travelling across the park some six feet off the ground. The light had a blue aura around it, and in the light was the figure of a glowing man with outstretched wings.

This surreal but mesmerizing entity flew across the Lower Lake of the park, across the Swiss Bridge and over Balaclava Field while the police car peeled rubber as it curved round Park Drive in hot pursuit, but at one point the luminous winged entity suddenly ascended into the night sky at a phenomenal speed over Ashville Road, leaving the two policemen with a tale they simply could not tell back at the station.

The most dramatic and inexplicable incident regarding angels on Wirral must surely be the one that took place in a narrow street (off Birkenhead’s Conway Street) in 1989.

An elderly couple – Mike and Audrey – visited a friend on Price Street one August night in 1989, and around midnight they decided it was time they headed home to Bebington.

The couple got in their car and a few minutes later the engine sputtered to a halt and Mike realised - to his utter embarrassment - that he had run out of petrol.

The couple had to leave their car parked on poorly-lit Dacre Street, and Mike was trying to recall where the nearest filling station was when Audrey told him that two men were following them. Mike looked back and saw the silhouettes of two men, both walking with a youthful stride towards them.

"Oi!" shouted one of them, "Come here a minute!"

The couple panicked and took a turning down a dark alleyway – it was either Bank Street or Burlington Street – and here, something very strange took place.

The two shadowy figures started running towards Mike and Audrey when the latter said, "Oh god help us."

All of a sudden the alleyway was lit up by a blazing light which shone down from above, and five bright crosses of dazzling blue light – each inside some type of glowing globe - whizzed past the couple from behind them and flew towards the would-be muggers.

One of the men seemed to faint, and crumpled to the floor, and then the other one fell backwards as one of the crosses of light descended upon him.

At this point Audrey realised there were two giant glowing figures on either side of her and Mike – and each of them had a huge pair of wings. ‘Go back to your car,’ said a deep male voice in Mike’s mind, and he tremblingly obeyed the voice.

He led Audrey from the alleyway, back to the car, and again he heard the voice in his head tell him to start the car.

The vehicle moved off, and Audrey thought she saw ghostly figures at the rear of the vehicle, pushing the car. The next thing Mike and Audrey knew, they were outside their home on Bebington’s Kirket Lane. They had travelled 4 miles without a drop of petrol in the car’s fuel tank.

The couple was convinced a host of angels had saved them from two muggers that August night.

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