LIVERPOOL Philharmonic has pledged their support for gender equality in music by signing up to a new groundbreaking campaign.

Established in 2018, the UK PRS Foundation's scheme Keychange 50/50 hoped to encourage more festivals to have gender balances line-ups.

Now the Keychange pledge is open to organisations who want to take positive action towards gender equality in music through the likes of conservatoires, orchestras, broadcasters, concert halls, agents, labels and venues.

Liverpool Philharmonic has committed to working towards a 50/50 gender balance across all areas of activities by 2022 including: premieres presented by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, members of the board of directors and artists promoted by the Philharmonic in its Music Room.

Chief executive at Liverpool Philharmonic Michael Eakin said: "We know that that the gender gap is a music industry-wide challenge.

"We’re grateful to Vanessa Reed, Chief Executive of PRS Foundation and Founder of Keychange, who, having joined our Board of Directors in 2016, has worked closely with us to help shape our organization-wide diversity plan, and guided us in setting targets as part of our commitment to the Keychange 50/50 pledge that are relevant to our organisation.

"All my Liverpool Philharmonic colleagues, from the musicians in the Orchestra, to those working behind the scenes are proud that we have committed to the Keychange pledge, and a number of them have worked with Vanessa and me in setting our targets.

"We’re looking forward to seeing the impact across our organization and our industry, and how audiences, artists, and other music professionals will benefit too."