MEMBERS of China Spirit UK have brought home an astonishing 31 medals from the 10th Annual Team Shaolin Championship.

The Seacombe based team made the journey to Tang Long Chinese Culture Centre in London on June 8 to the championships, held by The British Shaolin Association.

Returning home the team, made up of members aged seven and up, received 14 gold, 12 silver and five bronze medals.

Now the young team are in preparation for the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) National Championships on June 29.

But the club is also asking for help to finance the future of its young athletes.

A spokesman from China Spirit UK said: "China Spirit UK promotes well being and physical fitness across the board.

"Master Xingbo Liu and his students travel across Europe and beyond competing against the best Kung-Fu athletes in the world.

"Recently achieving gold, silver and bronze medals at the Moscow Wushu Palace in Russia.

"These children are dedicated, disciplined and focused on achieving a high level of success representing Great Britain and their club.

"Over many years now the children are developing into confident, well mannered and successful young citizens.

"We've set up this fundraising page to help finance their future goals and aspirations.

"The children train on a daily basis and are looking forward to competing in Oslo in September 2019 and then onto China in 2020 to fulfill one of their many dreams and competitive targets.

"If you are able and willing we'd fully appreciate any support you can give to help them excel to the next level of their journey and international successes.

"Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully you can donate any amount and share our message too!"

To donate please visit