A WALLASEY man has been banned from keeping animals for two years after being filmed deliberately pushing a wooden stick towards his terrified dog.

The footage features Carl Khalid Radman, 39, intimidating the mastiff-type dog called Achilles and was shown to Wirral Magistrates Court yesterday (Wednesday, June 19).

At the hearing Radman pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to his pet and was banned from keeping animals for two years.

The court heard how the incident took place at Radman's Wallasey home on March 11 and it was filmed by a concerned neighbour who confronted him about his terrorising behaviour before calling the RSPCA.

In the footage, Radman is shown to be repeatedly prodding a large stick towards Achilles in his outdoor kennel while shouting abuse at the dog.

Wirral Globe:

Inspector Anthony Joynes was sent to investigate and showed footage of the incident to a vet who certified that Achilles would have been caused unnecessary suffering.

Merseyside Police were then able to seize the dog and place into the care of the RSPCA.

In interview Radman claimed he was trying to get Achilles to drop a dead rat and also said he wanted to show the dog that he was “head of the pack."

Insp Joynes told the Globe: “The way Radman behaved towards his dog was completely uncalled for.

“Whether the dog had done something wrong or not his violent behaviour was completely inappropriate and unacceptable and would have made Achilles fear that he was being attacked.

“I’m thankful to the witnesses for doing what they could to ensure Achilles will not be subjected to this behaviour again.”

Wirral Globe:

Achilles is now doing well and is looking for a new home

As well as the two-year ban on keeping animals, Radman was also ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £995.

Achilles, who Radman had as a pet for eight years, was also 5 kg underweight when he was seized and had pressure sores on his body from laying down for long periods in his outside kennel - which was not weatherproof.

He is now doing well in RSPCA care and it is hoped he will be re-homed soon.