AT 71 years of age it a sign of sheer confidence and optimism that you can call your latest tour Just a Boy.

Global superstar Leo Sayer, with a career spanning 45 years, was back at the Floral - two years since he last sold out the venue.

He told me in an interview with the Globe that he loves recording and going on the road and he is still madly ambitious.

This sparkling personality still gets a huge buzz playing to his loyal fans across the world.

Australia-based Leo enjoys taking audiences with him on a musical journey.

From his first album Silverbird to his new release Selfie, Leo is living proof that you can have a successful hit-making career while keeping musical integrity in tact.

Aided by four first class musicians he gave another cracking roller coaster gig.

He makes the audience feel they are in a private party as he talks in between songs about how he came to write them.

Each sounds as fresh as when he first recorded every well crafted mini masterpiece.

Thunder in My Heart, Orchard Road, Long Tall Glasses and More Than I Can Say are just a few classics from a very well balanced concert - real rocking, rolling numbers and beautiful ballads.

He still looks like a boy with lion-esque hair and his ability to dart around the stage.

His newer material from the albums Restless Years and Selfie sit well within his catalogue.

Both John Lennon and Elvis were fans of the London-burn troubadour.

He ended with three timeless encores: Giving It All Away, I Can't Stop Loving You and Let it Be.

His songs, he says, are love letters to the UK.

Long may he keep in touch with us.

Five stars - Leo still roaring!