OUR MPs face considerable criticism for not "delivering Brexit."

The problem is that they truly represent the country.

They are as divided as we are, and have the difficult task of seeking a way forward which is best for, and unites, the country.

The situation in Wirral exemplifies this.

Adding up the voting figures in the recent European Election we have the "Remain" Parties (Green, Change UK, Liberal Democrats and UK European Union Party) with a total well over 30,000.

For the "Leave" parties (Brexit, English Democrats, UKIP and Tommy Robinson) the total is just over 28,000.

Deciding the intentions of Labour and Conservative voters is more difficult.

Figures I have seen from Comres, Yougov and other polling organisations indicate that traditional Tory voters are more likely to be Leave voters and traditional Labour voters more likely to be Remain.

In Wirral the Conservative vote in the European Election was 6,125 and Labour 16,907.

Disentangling these numbers is not straightforward, save to indicate that we are hopelessly divided.

The best way forward, it seems to me, is for the Government to devise a Leave programme with all the implications clearly set out, the gains and losses, advantages and disadvantages, and then put it to the nation along the lines of "The 2016 referendum was in favour of leaving the EU, this is what it means, do you agree to proceed?"

This would be representative democracy at work.

John Oldershaw, Wallasey