HOUSEHOLDERS are demanding the council clears up a rubbish dump that has been allowed to build up in a Rock Ferry alleyway.

An three piece suite, green house full of empty plant pots, nappies, children's toys and wooden fence panel are among items that have been dumped in the alley running between and Moore Avenue and Inglemere Road.

The pictures have been forwarded to Wirral Council, who said the rubbish was reported on June 4 and is due to be collected.

Vincent Ashman, who has lived with his family in Moore Avenue for 24 years - is furious with the lack of response to calls for the help to tackle the problem.

He told the Globe: "It's a disgrace, enough is enough. The council have been contacted many times about this, but are just not interested.

"There was a much bigger pile of rubbish in the alleway, but I've cleared up a lot of the rubbish myself as we're not being listened to.

"There was even a gas cannister in there which I took to a council tip, but they wouldn't accept it so I left it outside the tip's office.

"If I'd have left it in the alleyway it could have exploded.

"The streets around here used to be clean, but people regularly dump rubbish here, like used syringes.

"The alleyway rubbish problem has got to be sorted."

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, added: "I've lived here for 20 years and rubbish is always being dumped in the alleyway, it really is a problem.

"We're worried someone will come along and set fire to it, which would put lives in danger."

Outlining the council's policy on fly-tipping and irresponsible waste disposal, a spokesperson for the authority told the Globe recently: "Most of Wirral's residents and businesses take seriously their responsibility to ensure the waste they generate, including house clearances, is disposed of responsibly for their own benefit and that of their neighbours, but occasionally this is not the case.

"The council will, where necessary, respond to incidents of fly-tipping and irresponsible waste disposal and will carry out enforcement against those responsible for fly-tipping, and we would urge those with information about these incidents to provide us with details.

"Environmental officers will continue to work with residents to ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities to dispose of house hold waste correctly using the green and grey bins provided to ensure we can all meet our environmental obligations."