THE Boisterous Theatre Company really do live up to their name.

Last year's adaptation of Bouncers picked up five stars in the Wirral Globe.

They are a very welcome addition to the Merseyside theatre scene.

There is also a lot to like in this play with some soulful, original music.

It is a revival of a 2005 play by Barbara Phillips and is set in Liverpool, but could be located anywhere.

The essence of the drama is about three couples who seem to talk more to their mobile phones than each other.

Themes from motherhood to bread-winning are peppered with references to jobseekers allowance and telephone shopping.

Zain Salim is the movement director as well as the narrator.

Here he speaks in verse, sings a very illuminating song about women and education and darts around the stage.

He is equally effective and expressive when he is static.

There is a distinct nod to Blood Brothers in his role as narrator.

Zain has spot-on comic timing and energy by the bucket load. Maybe reigning in some of the frantic comic sequences would give a better overall balance to the story.

Zain's charisma - although a major highlight - tends to dominate.

There are definite soap influences on show throughout Misunderstood from domestic confrontations of the Brookside, Hollyoaks and EastEnders kind.

The seven-strong ensemble, directed by Miriam Mussa, use the 75 minute with no interval running time very well.

It packs a lot in with accomplished performances from Terrell Gellineau as Leila and Julian Gill as Nathan.

Boisterous are a new company with a lot to say.

And what they say they do with real flair and commitment.

A punchy play for today - three stars

Misunderstood is at Royal Court Studio until Saturday (June 8).

Tickets from 0151 709 4321